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American Controller Tempruture Alarm

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10 Sensors pack

Temperature alarm sensors

16 Sensor Temperature  Alarm System

The benefit of multiple sensors.

if you have   restaurant  and you like to monitor all your refrigerator to prevent food  problem our system   can do just that.

your  connect one sensor for each  refrigerator and name the sensor according to what this refrigerator is hosting  the name will appear on the display in couple 2nd and also on your report.

you can set up not only low  high temperature also low temperature on top of that you can set up the time that the unit will send SMS messaging to your cell phone alert you about temperature going out of the set point range.

usually in three-minute LED light on the unit will  alert you about some kind of temperature problem by looking at the  LCD display you can tell where the problem right away.

that can be somebody loading or unloading the refrigerator and the door is open in the event that the temperature is continue to be out of range for the time you set an SMS text messaging going to send the recipient right away. we also  can recode timely reading temperature to  database and downloaded into your computer  if needed.

this is usually important in pharmaceutical   laboratory  demanded by the state or EPA  of our system is  recording the time and day and  temperature  according to the frequency your requests in a configuration website page.

our system is hybrid  Internet and Gsm  cellular  we always use the cellular for  alert  because   in the event of power outrage this  99.9  percent work.