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Early detection of refrigerator problem

Early detection of refrigerator problem.

Commercial Refrigeration early Problem detection  system

Commercial Refrigeration early Problem detection

using our system  to prevent problem before they become big problem.

using metal clamp we attach the sensor to the line set the high  side can tell you a lot about problem in the convincing unit.

if fan motor or the condenser is dirty immediately the temperature in a high side  tubing will rise.

we name the sensor   Clean condenser because we like   the owner  to do it 1st this is  1st line of the agnostic it can also tell you if one or more  fan motor  is not working.

on the low line sensor we monitor the low  temperature if  fan motor in the  indoor unit like the picture above stop working usually the low site pipe will go down.

this also can be  airflow  restriction and    defrost system malfunction.

we name this sensor defrost  problem