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Temperature Alarm

Temperature Alarm

Temperature Alarm

American controller we

Committed to   build  the best  temperature  Alarm Systems.

The founder john dublon CEO   couldn’t find  any simple to use refrigerator alarm that going to be easy to install and easy to configure in the field of commercial refrigeration.

I will  design our system to work in disaster situation such as flood   hurricane and  power  outreach .

After  hurricane Cindy we  discover that the  regular alarm  didn’t work because there was no power and Internet connectivity  was not available.

so we  took a different approach  our system is working on a cellular network that  today is the last line of  communication when  disaster happened.

we also  use  text messaging for communication because even when the network it’s easy text messages will go  true the  system in low  signal.

on top of that we want to have one system that display the temperature for each  sensor and we like to rename the sensor according to the unit  example   walk in refrigerator  or  walking freezer  the  description on the screen is  simple to read and anybody  can tell the temperature from the display and will tell you right away if any alarm including door alarm is on  by just looking at the unit.

all the relevant information is right on the  display

Example of configuration procedure

Our temperature Alarm`APS 10 is capable to monitor 16 sensors .

Temperature Alarm

abut the temperature Alarm rechargeable battery the unit built in rechargeable battery continue working for about 10 hours after the Power stop it will continue sending an alarm .